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So anyone who knows me knows that I love movies. That said, I recently was overcome with inspiration when I saw the new Pirates of the Caribbean Posters. They are pretty sick.

When you look at the POTC Posters (That will be Pirates of the Caribbean and NOT Passion of the Christ from here know you were thinking it!) they all follow a general theme: A collage of imagery along the bottom, a bunch of enormously large heads along the top, and the classic parchment paper logo with a title slapped across it. Oh and some hot chick but we wont be using one of those for this. Boo.

Pirates of The Caribbean PosterPirates of The Caribbean Poster
After staring at the posters a few minutes, I decided to see if the movie poster could be achieved with normal everyday photos you'd find out on the "internets".

OK! Let's begin....

Here's what you'll need:

Head, Explosion, Water, Wave

OH and a willing participant that can make "The Evil Face".


Christian Keyes

I think we're set. Watch closely now, this will go fast!

Start with your open ocean.

Make the desired color adjustments.

Ocean photo

Add a vignette and the boat.

I did a choppy cutout and tilted it to prepare for the wave of DOOM.

Ocean and Boat

Add your creature.

I drew inspiration from the recent POTC poster, and added a large tentacle. Afterwards I inserted and blended the wave. Do your color adjustment accordingly.

Ocean, Boat, Tentacle

Add some sheens.

I added some light sheens to the tentacle for the "wet look". I also threw in some color tints that will be used later on.

Ocean, Boat, Tentacle

Add noise and overlay tones.

I used a dark green/olive overlay later. After that I added a black and white noise layer, blurred it just slightly and set it to Soft Light over the poster.

Ocean, Boat, Tentacle

Add some grit.

Next I added some grit, dirt, and of course - an explosion!

Ocean, Boat, Tentacle

More texture.

I added yet more GRIT and then used a parchment texture for the top. I did some adjustments to make the parchment more green and contrasted - then blended it in.

Ocean, Boat, Tentacle

Add your head. Modify at will.

I took that photo i shot of Christian and adjusted the contrast and shadow/highlights. I then went in and manually burned the outlines of his face and color dodged some highlights. Lastly, I added a fantastic mustache and some eyeliner. Oh and I extended his eyebrows. Christian, such a saucy minx.

Christian Keyes, Ocean, Boat, Tentacle

Almost done!

I next added some messy hair above his eyes add gave his chin some stubble. Also, I started implementing some background shadows.

Christian Keyes, Ocean, Boat, Tentacle

Add some sparkle.

Next, add some orange overlay lights wherever you choose. When you are done - add palm trees on the sides!

Christian Keyes, Ocean, Boat, Tentacle

And we're done!

Throw in some tonal lighting and shadows. When you're happy, toss ina mutilated logo and some casting credits. Done!

Christian Keyes, Ocean, Boat, Tentacle

I hope you enjoyed this little photoshop quickie. It's not perfect and it certianly could get more in-depth, but I had fun making it. That said, let me see yours!

Pirates of The Caribbean

Ok that's it! Until next time....

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